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  • Ravihello sir, I am Ravi from india. want to be a kung fu student so plz tell me the procedure. i will be obliged for that

    Shaolin Reply:
    Dear friend, Thanks for your inquiry. I'm glad to hear of your keen interest in Shaolin Kung Fu. Please kindly contact with Master Yanxuan (Tel: 13283823008) or Temple Affairs Office (0086-0371-62749305) or Mr. Wang (Tel: 0086-0371-67300086, Email:wangyumin88@hotmail.com) for more information.
  • Mohamed safeerDear sir, how can i get invitation from shaolin temple for study Kungfu

    Shaolin Reply:
    Dear Mohamed, Thanks for your inquiry. Please contact Exterior Communication Division of Shaolin Temple for further information. Tel. 0086 0371-67300086
  • Peter Winter555-555-0199@example.com

    Shaolin Reply:
    Dear Peter, Thanks for your message. What can I do for you? shaolinsi495@126.com is our email add.
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