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The Prayer Assembly for the Renunciation Day of Bodhisattva Hosted in Shaolin Temple

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On Oct 17, 2019, the 19th day of the ninth lunar month was Bodhisattva’s Renunciation Day. Shaolin Temple hosted the dharma assembly of chanting, sacrifice-offering and prayer to deliver sentient beings. Shaolin Temple’s protectors and lay Buddhists, overseas disciples and travelers attended it with delight.

At 9:30am, Shaolin monks gathered at the Mahaviro Hall. Venerable Master Yongxin burned incense and presided over the assembly, led chanting sutra, guided Buddhists and lay Buddhists to chant and offer sacrifice and went to the Baiyi Hall to offer sacrifice, merits and virtues of which were transferred to all beings of ten directions, praying for world peace, the earth tranquil, all beings receiving dharma, opening wisdom as well as harmonious merits and virtues.

Faith of Bodhisattva has been extensively spreading over thousands of years. The spirit of the Great Mercy dominated by Bodhisattva is recognized as the essence of Mahayana Buddhism. The Renunciation Day of Bodhisattva in Shaolin Temple is to experience and cherish the memory of Buddhist nature and practice for Bodhisattva. There will be encouraging Buddhists and believers to practice continue diligent practice through understanding the origin and course of Bodhisattva practicing on the day. (Edited by Yue Long and Zhao Yongjie)

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